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Dental Implants Materials
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Woman smiling with perfect teeth at Portland City Dental in Portland, ORMissing teeth can be very frustrating; they can affect your ability to chew foods, the way you speak, and your self-confidence. You do not have to deal with missing teeth. At Portland City Dental, we can permanently replace a single tooth, several teeth, or even all of your teeth using dental implants.

The surgical procedure of inserting a dental implant is the easy part. The real work is done in the preparatory steps including creating a customized plan that is right for your situation.

Dr. Dan, along with our team at Portland City Dental will work with you, and pinpoint the best way to restore your teeth and your oral health. We want you to have a smile that you will be proud to show.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium metal post that Dr. Dan surgically inserts in place of a root after a tooth has been lost. By replacing the root of the tooth, we can make a permanent restoration.

Titanium is the metal of choice by doctors when making surgical repairs anywhere on the skeletal frame. That’s because it is lightweight, strong, and biocompatible with your system. Clinical studies show that our bodies will not reject titanium and in fact, heal around it, creating an extension as it fuses to the bone. The healing that occurs is a natural process known as osseointegration. This medical term refers to the integrating, or taking in, into the bone. As the bone heals, it creates connections around the metal post, making it part of the bone, thereby integrating it.

This permanent bonding and the strength of the titanium is why surgeons use it to repair bone in the knees, hips, shoulders, and more.

Dr. Dan places this titanium post to serve as a connective piece between your tooth and jaw. By creating a connection, the restoration will be permanent, and the jaw bone will once again receive the stimulation needed to stay healthy and robust.

Once the implant is healed and fused with the bone, we can then create a replacement tooth. This may be a dental crown, bridge, a partial or a full denture device depending on the number and positioning of the teeth we are replacing.

The Dental Implant Procedure

After all of the preparatory steps, the actual surgical placement of your dental implant is quite simple. We will begin the procedure with making sure the patient is comfortable, using the appropriate pain relief for your situation. Dr. Dan will make the cut to open the tissue, exposing the bone beneath. Dr. Dan will then use a specialized drill to create the needed space in the bone. The implant, which is a small titanium post, is inserted into the bone and the tissue is sutured closed around it. The entire process will take less than an hour. Most patients only require an over the counter pain reliever following surgery, but we can discuss a prescribed pain relief if needed. If the implant procedure included immediately loaded dentures, such as the All-On-4® Treatment Concept, then the patient is done and the treatment is complete. Otherwise, the patient will return for their dental device to be installed in about three months.

Though the process sounds complicated, it is the easier of the choices when you consider the long term. With your tooth fully restored, there is no damage to neighboring teeth, no readjustments due to changes in your jaw, and no problems with your bite adjusting and the pain or discomfort that comes with it. You now have a long term, permanent tooth. Dr. Dan would be happy to examine your oral health and determine if a dental implant is right for you. Give us a call at (503) 256-7917.

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At Portland City Dental, we can permanently replace a single tooth, several teeth, or even all of your teeth using dental implants. Call today to schedule an appointment!
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