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Tooth Loss
Portland, OR

 Patient talking to the dentist at Portland City Dental in Portland, ORAround 178 million Americans have at least one missing tooth, while 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. A missing tooth can cause several problems; it changes the appearance of your smile, negatively impacts the alignment of your teeth, and affects your speech and the ability to chew. We also can’t deny the fact that it also shatters your confidence, making it hard for you to want to smile.

Most Common Causes of Tooth Loss

•  Gum disease: Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss. This happens when bacteria accumulate on the surface of your teeth, causing inflammation. It can progress and destroy the gum tissue as well. The first phase of gum disease is gingivitis. However, with proper oral care, you can easily prevent and reverse gingivitis.
•  Physical injury: Accidents happen, and some result in tooth loss. Sports injuries are common, thus wearing mouthguards is important while indulging in any physical activity that could result in trauma to your mouth.
•  Cavities: These are the permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth caused by bacteria. If your cavity has just started, your dentist will recommend fluoride treatment to help restore your tooth’s enamel.
•  Poor Oral Hygiene: You welcome the initial stages of a cavity by not following proper oral hygiene.

Tooth Replacement Options

If you are looking to replace a lost tooth, there are different replacement procedures available. Here are the three most common and durable tooth replacement options that you can consider to improve the appearance of your smile:


A dental bridge consists of two or more specifically fitted crowns placed on either side of the gap with a replacement tooth located in between. Benefits of bridges include:
•  Help restore smile
•  Can last up to 15 years
•  Maintain the natural shape of the face
•  More durable than dentures
•  Keep your natural teeth in place


Dentures are removable or permanent appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. There are two types of dentures available – full or partial. Full dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when only some of the teeth are missing. Some of the benefits of dentures are as follows:
•  They improve the look of your smile
•  Easy to clean
•  Improve speech
•  Comfortable and durable
•  Less expensive in comparison to implants
•  Improve the ability to chew
•  Can last up to 10 years


A dental implant is a small post made with titanium that is surgically placed in your jaw bone. They are used to replace a single, several, or all of your teeth. Implants are a good tooth replacement option because:
•  They can last you a lifetime
•  Prevent bone loss
•  Keep adjacent teeth stable
•  They are the most comfortable and durable tooth replacement option
•  Enable natural speech
•  Easy to take care of
•  Natural appearance

Get Your Tooth Replacement Procedure Done, Today!

If durability and comfort are your main concerns, consider getting a dental implant.
Missing teeth can negatively affect your oral health and can cause an array of problems. If you are ready to get your teeth replaced, schedule an appointment with us at Portland City Dental or by calling us at (503) 256-7917 to get a set of teeth that looks and feels natural.

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