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What Are Dental Crowns Used For?
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Image of dental crowns at Portland City Dental. When tooth damage occurs, dental restoration is the only way to repair it, thus saving it from tooth extraction. At Portland City Dental, we offer several dental restorations to help fix tooth damage. One of these restorations is a dental crown procedure, which is very useful in restoring the full form and function of the damaged tooth.

The dental crown procedure involves using crown(s), a synthetic tooth cap-like device, which is placed on top of the damaged tooth, completely covering the dental flaw. If you are considering having your tooth restored, a dental crown procedure may be right for you. Read on to find out more about this dental solution.

What Are Dental Crowns Used for?

Dental crowns are an ideal dental restoration solution when you have a badly damaged tooth. When a crown is placed on the damaged tooth, it covers the damage and strengthens the tooth, thus restoring its full function. Since dental crowns can also be made using a tooth-colored material, they can also be used to restore the natural appearance of the damaged tooth.

A dental crown procedure can be used to remedy a wide range of dental problems, including tooth decay, cavities, a cracked, broken, chipped, or fractured tooth due to an injury, wear and tear of the tooth, tooth discolorations, and stains, and more — the restorative procedure ideal when the tooth damage is extensive, such that it cannot be saved by less invasive dental restorations such as root canal, inlays and onlays, and dental fillings. However, the damage must also not be too extensive such that the tooth is beyond saving.

The Dental Crown Placement Procedure

A typical dental crown procedure is carried out in two appointments. The first appointment is the initial consultation, which involves evaluating the damage to the tooth, as well as your dental health. This is done to determine if the crown procedure is the right treatment solution.

If the crown procedure is determined, your tooth will also be prepared for the crown placement during the first appointment. The preparation usually involves reshaping the tooth by removing part of the enamel. This helps to ensure that the original size of your natural tooth is maintained once the dental crown is placed. If you are suffering from tooth damage, the tooth preparation will also involve removing the decayed part of the tooth.

During this first appointment, an impression of your teeth is taken and sent to the dental lab, where it is used to make a custom dental crown – with similar size, shape, and in case of tooth-colored materials, appearance. The process of making the dental crowns in the lab takes a while, usually about two weeks, thus the need for two visits. To help restore some functionality and appearance while waiting for the second visit, a temporary crown may be placed on your tooth during this first visit.

The second visit is when the permanent crown is placed. The temporary one is removed and replaced with the custom one. A bit of reshaping and resizing (of the crown) may be done to ensure a perfect fit. It is then cemented onto the natural tooth, where it creates a permanent bond with it, fully restoring your original tooth function and form.

Same Day Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown procedure can, however, also be performed in one visit. This can be achieved by using CEREC crowns, computer-designed and manufactured dental crowns. Instead of the dental impression, these crowns are designed using computer software from your dental images (taken for consultation) and then manufactured using a 3D manufacturing machine. The whole process is quick, taking only a few minutes, and thus allowing for the placement of the crown on the same day.

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What Are Dental Crowns Used For? | Portland City Dental - Portland, OR
At Portland City Dental, we offer several dental restorations to help fix tooth damage. One of these restorations is a dental crown procedure. Call us today!
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